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Imagine 1000’s of children reading aloud at the same time across UK and Kenya for a common goal.


Reading Aloud is a shared adventure promoting children’s literacy and a love of reading.


On 12th July 2024 thousands of Kenyan children will be simultaneously reading aloud in an attempt to break a world record and raise sponsorship to build libraries in schools across Kenya.


We want to raise our voices in Nottinghamshire in unity and encourage as many UK school children as possible to simultaneously read aloud on that day. Thereby raising awareness of the importance of reading for young people and raising funds to buy books for Kenyan children

Campaign Objective


  • Involvement – children and adults coming together to Read Aloud for a common cause.

  • Promote - the importance of children’s literacy in the UK and Kenya

  • Develop - pride in UK children supporting Kenyan children

  • Recruit - UK Reading Ambassadors who sponsor books for children in Kenya.

  • Raise - funds to give and send books to Kenyan children



  • Sign-up to the KWEST Read Aloud Event.

  • Request a KWEST school presentation to children about Kenya and the event.

  • Encourage parents to join their children on the day to read aloud together.

  • Raise funds to sponsor a Kenyan book for a Kenyan child.

  • Each £5 donation will allow us to buy and send a Kenyan child a book



An exciting event is coming up and it will be great to have you involved.


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