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Reading Baraza's

Q. How could we reach more children across the wider community?

A. Take Books to the schools


Every week our Literacy Support Team go out to 15 schools in and around Watamu and hold a Reading Baraza.

The children sit outside under the shade of the trees (a Baraza) to read alone or with classmates, their teachers and our Literacy Team checking they understand, and can recognise sounds and spellings


At the end of every session the children act out the stories, play word and grammar games.

As ALL exams in Kenya are in English our Literacy work is already making a positive impact. It is also helping the schools to deliver the new Competency based curriculum elements of imagination and creativity, communication and collaboration, learning to learn, critical thinking and problem solving.

Teachers report significant improvements in reading, writing and confidence in speaking English. Compositions are longer and more detailed as the books are inspiring their imaginations.

Significantly, exam grades across all subjects also improve as the children can now comprehend the questions.

This would not happen without KWEST and your donations.

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