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Look Who's Reading Aloud on 12th July

Radcliffe On Trent Junior School and Willoughby Primary School have signed up to READ ALOUD.

Watch this space for videos from the day.

They will be reading from this book - Drought Village.

Children across Kenya will be reading the same extract

The story revolves around Ukame village, now under the rule of a new leader who acts as a dictator. This leader disregards the traditional practices of caring for the environment, wildlife, education, and healthcare. The forests are being destroyed, turning into desolate wastelands, while wild animals are being hunted solely for financial gain. Consequently, the rains cease, animals vanish, and perish, leading to hardships for the villagers. However, a 14-year-old girl emerges and imparts her knowledge on environmental protection to the community. The question remains: has she arrived in time to make a difference?


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