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Dongakundu Children

Every penny raised goes directly to the charity for the benefit of children in Kenya

KWEST relies on donations from the public.

However small, every pound matters and goes a long way.

We run 2 Libraries and visit 12 schools every week - 3000children get access to books and Literacy Support, AND this is growing. For very remote schools - we take out and donate books.

Transportation to schools, running 2 Libraries, chairs and tables, ensuring every child has water and a snack before they go home, and our Literacy Support Team are weekly and monthly costs as well as transporting Books from the UK to Kenya.

We would like to equip schools with chairs and tables so pupils don't have to sit on dirt floors and write on their laps.

Every penny donated goes to the charity for the benefit of the children in Kenya. No monies are spent on UK administration or wages. All our UK Charity Ambassadors are volunteers who know they are making a difference to children's lives in Watamu.


£10 p.w

Water & Biscuits @ 2 Libraries

£50 p.w

Library running costs

£30 p.w

Transporting books to 11 schools, 3000 children p.w

£20 p.m 

Pencils, paper, crayons @ 2 libraries


Shipping 100Kg children's books to Kenya

£100 p.m

1 x Literary Support Worker

Collecting Money

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

You can donate online securely using using a number of different payment options via our JustGiving page!

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