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Fundraising Summer 2023

June 10th 2023

Our first Open Garden Event

On the hottest day of the year the flowers were blooming for our lovely visitors.

Ian kept the gate whilst Liz and Carol were on cakes - and gorgeous they were too - special mention for Liz's Rhubarb and Custard blondie which wowed our very special Guest Sean Wilson.

June 17th 2023

Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church Community Cafe

This is a wonderful local initiative that provides a warm welcome, company selling drinks and cakes to raise money for local charities. KWEST were invited to be the chosen charity.

Liz and Lesley chatted and drank tea with so many people making new contacts and raising the profile of KWEST.

July 8th 2023

Radcliffe on Trent Carnival

The weather may have been damp but our spirits weren't. This is the first time the entire UK Team worked together - AND WHAT a GREAT TEAM!!

We raised some much needed funds, made new contacts and promises of future book donations.

Huge, Huge thanks to Ian Withers for all his creative work.

August 9th 2023

Garden cafe @ Rebecca's

Our new Ambassador and Volunteer Rebecca Jones organised and held a information and fundraising event in her wonderful garden on the hottest day of the year - exceeding the temperatures in June.

Despite the heat it was well attended and raised £250

This pays for 3 teachers in Watamu for a month or the cost of shipping 83 kg of books to Kenya


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